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Once people make a decision to join a Church they often ask how can they support the work of the Church, so here is some information on how you can do just that.

Whilst we believe there is a clear biblical mandate for the giving of tithes and offerings to support the work of the Church, we recognise that every persons personal circumstances are different and we don’t want to put anybody under pressure to give a certain amount.
We believe that God looks at the heart and not the amount!
Gifts given are never attributed to individuals and only The Treasurer and Finance Secretary, you and God know what you give.

But this may help answer your questions of  what does the Church use the money for. We use your gifts to pay for our Spiritual Administrator, to keep the heating and lights on in the building, our work of outreach in the community, and home and overseas missions.

The ways in which you can help with all of this are:

1) The offertory plate on Sunday mornings, in cash or cheque.

2)  Weekly brown envelopes, hand in on Sunday mornings, in cash or cheque.

3)  By bank standing order,please ask for a form.

If you use the envelopes or Bank standing order and pay UK Income Tax, by completing a Gift Aid Declaration, available on request, the Church currently gets an extra 20% back from the government. So each £1 is worth £1.20 to the Church.

If you need further information or have other questions please see Val Cockcroft - Finance Secretary or email her on office@romanroadimchurch.org.uk