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  • Ministers Conference (May 2012) - 1 Jun 2012

    Clifford, Dorothy and Paul attended the Ministers conference at Bawtry Hall on the 11th & 12th May 2012.

    The speaker was Mark Green from LICC (London Institute of Contemporary Christianity), who we managed to get a photo opportunity with at the conference.

    Mark made an impact with his impressive media presentation on how we can improve the church's image to the outside world. It is amazing how people can be evangelised just by speaking to someone about what sermon you heard on Sunday, how we can improve our presentation at work, and do we know who our own personal frontline is?

    LICC have done some pilot studies on Churches with interesting results, and we hope to reap some of the benefits, by implementing them. More will be revealed later, but if you want to find out more about LICC you can do so here. I would encourage anybody to look at the 40 day prayer time which starts on Monday 11th June.


    Contributed by Paul Lambert (student minister)