• Inner Healing & Emotional Wholeness with Ken Hepworth - 28 Jan 2016

    We are pleased to announce that we have booked another teaching weekend with Ken Hepworth on "Inner Healing and Emotional Wholeness".


    This will take place on Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th February 2016 here at Roman Road IM Church.


    The Saturday session will begin at 9.30am and will cost £2.00 per person.


    Places can be booked by:


    Phone : 0161 682 4761 and leaving a message.




    Email :



    See below for a brief synopsis of the weekend.






    This one-day course considers the place of emotions on the life of the Christian.


    Many Christians have been taught to ignore their emotions.

    The teaching explains that with only two exceptions, our emotions are a reliable guide to our general wellbeing.


    Jesus, who is truly man as well as truly God, was able to experience and express the whole range of human emotions.


    However, on our part most of us have unconsciously suppressed our emotional pain, without realising that there are physical consequences.


    One of the consequences is a failure to experience the love of God or to enjoy His presence.


    Another example is the inability to express emotions in a godly way, if we are to be real with ourselves, most of us need some emotional healing .