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Dorothy Kendrick

Telephone: 0161 624 7503

Email: dorothy@romanroadimchurch.org.uk


Dorothy Kendrick is a minister, as well as being an Elder and our Christian Spiritual Administrator.
She has pastoral care over our children’s ministry and is also actively involved in our work with the elderly and vulnerable adults.




Derek Barron

Telephone: 0161 688 4129

Email: derek@romanroadimchurch.org.uk

As well as being an Independent Methodist Minister Derek Barron is also a trained Social Worker.
He is involved with our work with the elderly and coordinates our training programme.
He is also our Child Protection Officer.



Paul Lambert

Telephone: via the church

Email: info@romanroadimchurch.org.uk

Paul became an Independent Methodist Minister in November 2014.





Elizabeth Barron
Telephone: 0161 688 4129
Email: secretary@romanroadimchurch.org.uk

Elizabeth is also the Church Secretary.

Christine Bell
Telephone: 0161 682 9541

Beryl Kay
Telephone: 0161 795 4862


Preachers Booking Secretary: Arthur Cockroft

Email: preachers@romanroadimchurch.org.uk

Telephone: 01706 849 427


Web Master: Jenni Wood

Email: webmaster@romanroadimchurch.org.uk


Finance Secretary: Val Cockroft

Email: finance@romanroadimchurch.org.uk



Worship Leaders & Musicians

Paul Lambert

Christine Mayall

Mary Wilson

Helen Boswell

Dorothy Kendrick

David Adams

John Crispin


Email: mediateam@romanroadimchurch.org.uk


Pastoral Team

Sylvia Holt

Mary Wilson

Christine Bell

Dorothy Kendrick



Past Ministers/Elders


Clifford Ward (1920 to 2012)